Holly Goldberg Sloan


Fans of E.B. White's Charlotte’s Web and
Dick King-Smith's Babe will adore this heart-
warming and funny animal adventure by the
award-winning author of Counting By 7s.

Mama has trained up her baby possums in the
ways of their breed, and now it's time for all of
them–even little Appleblossom–to make their
way in the world. Appleblossom knows the rules:
she must never be seen during the day, and she
must avoid cars, humans, and the dreaded
hairies (sometimes known as dogs). Even so,
Appleblossom decides to spy on a human family-
and accidentally falls down their chimney! The
curious Appleblossom, her faithful brothers–
who launch a hilarious rescue mission–and even
the little girl in the house have no idea how
fascinating the big world can be. But they're
about to find out!

With dynamic illustrations, a tight-knit family,
and a glimpse at the world from a charming little
marsupial's point of view, this cozy animal story
is a perfect read-aloud and classic in the making.

Gary Rosen Illustrations

Gary A. Rosen is an accomplished film and
television writer who loves music, popular
culture and to draw. He also loves his family
and possums. He is my husband. And the per-
son I want most every day to see laugh.
He can be found on Twitter at
His webpage is GaryRosenArtist.com
And he can be contacted via email at:

Holly and the Possum

This is Me and Mary the Possum

Mary is a working animal who was rescued as
a small baby, and raised by animal trainers to
work in film and television. She lives and
works for Benay's Birds and Animal
A full service training and rental
company supplying birds and animals for the
4776 Nomad Dr, Woodland Hills, CA 91364
(818) 881-0053

Mary is a wonderful actress.

Heroes don’t think of themselves as heroes,
Amlet. That’s what makes them heroic.
We’ve got to rescue our sister. Or die trying.
Dustin Hoffman with possum
I am so proud that
the Narrator for the AudioBook.
And RY COODER does the music.
It is Divine.
This is a dream come true.
Dustin Hoffman reading to kids
All Photos this page: Calvin Sloan